Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans is a game where you build forts with elixir and gold resources that are collected and stored for use in the next game. In this game, an army of different troop types is built by dragging and dropping the villages however you want. This game involves a single player or many players who are sent to destroy villages or towns. Through multiplayer raids, players join together and are able to earn or lose their trophies

A few Clash of Clans tips when playing the game are outlined below;

Shielding up

The Clash of Clans cheats sur shield prevents other people from attacking you for a certain period of time. If you get attacked and 40 percent of your town is destroyed, you are given a 12 hour shield. In case it is 90%, you are added an extra 4 hours. It is important to use this safety time to figure out how you can build up an army, upgrade your towers and improve your economy instead of attacking your enemies right away.

Put a lot of weight in Clan wars

It is advisable that you attack unscarred villages when you are starting because you and your clan gain the most from attacking them. For the first time, you should also let the Clash of Clans cheats match matching pick an opponent for you in clan wars so that your lower allies can have a difficult time dealing with an equivalent increase in challenge in turn giving you and your clan better chances of winning.

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Smart building

When building your Clash of Clans village, have as many walls as you can between the outside and your inner resources. Hack Clash of Clans met de cheats van Ensure that there are no gaps within your perimeters by building all of your structures closely together in order to allow your defensive structures and cannons to cover a big area coverage. In addition, you should put your buildings into small compartments that are formed by upgraded walls in order to slow your enemies advance.

Get raiding buddies

After you have rebuilt your castle and gone through single player levels, it is time for you to start involving yourself in organized clan paly. This is a not only a good way of socializing in the game but also a way that can help you bring great hauls through use of the coordinated attacks. Since it is team work, apart from asking for backup you are also required to contribute your troops and communicate regularly to get senior members advice especially when you are trying to figure out what to do next.