5 Ways to Get the Best Sun Tan

Sometimes, we like faking our tans because of a variety of reasons; one of them being that we love the sun. The sun boosts the levels of serotonin which is nature’s Valium that alleviates anxiety. It also produces vitamin D which strengthens the bones, skin and teeth. To avoid ageing prematurely and getting skin cancer, you need to take great care to get a sun kissed glow. Here are a few tips to getting the best sun tan in a safe way.

sun tan
  • Always avoid sunbeds

Do not fall into the temptation that you can get a healthy tan on a sunbed. According to Dr. Nick Lowe, we usually get the wrong UV because tanning beds eliminate huge amounts of UVA and no UVB which usually stimulates Vitamin D thus increasing the risk of getting skin cancer by 75%.

  • Tan at the right time

There is a point where your skin reaches cut off point where it cannot produce more melanin which is the tanning pigment. Therefore it is not worth it to lie by the pool all day long. Every individual has their cut off point of melanin which is usually between two and three hours if one has a fair case. Beyond this you have high risk of your skin being damaged by U.V.

  • Take a break

Take a break from the sun from time to time. Doing this will reduce the intensity of UV and the risk of getting sunburns. Staying on shade will make your tan healthier and last longer.

  • Use supplements instead of creams

Dr. Marko Lens, a skin cancer authority says that creams applied to boost the production of melanin do not work most of the time but taking a beta carotene supplement daily can work wonders for you. You should also apply sunscreen to protect your skin against sunburns. The supplements boost the skin’s natural defense against harmful UV thus improving the tanning process.

  • Eat healthy

A nutritious meal comprising of antioxidants such as tomatoes and vegetables and fruits such as oranges will improve the quality of your skin and the entire tanning process. In fact, a nutritious meal protects your skin by an extra 33%. You can also swap your coffee with green tea.

Dark chocolates with flavonoids can also protect you against sunburns. Reduce your caffeine intake because it increases the risk of skin cancer.


To conclude, your tanning process needs to happen well. By following the tips on this article, you will certainly have a healthier and glowing skin.