How to Use LDS Lavis Dip System Properly to Make it Last for Weeks

Have you ever experience your nail polish chipping even if you are doing absolutely nothing? Well, I guess the answer to that is yes. No matter how good the nail salon is or how expensive your manicure is, nail polish would still break regardless of how careful you are. That is how nail polish work, they crack or chip after some time especially if you have some chores to work on.

For this exact reason, Nail Dipping Powder is the best choice for busy women who wants to have strong and neat looking nails without cracking or chipping even after weeks of manicure. Nail Dip Powder like LDS Lavis Dip Systems is rather a gorgeous way to have super-long lasting nails that uses that uses EA bond and perfectly refined powder color into which the nails are dipped.

The application involves putting a top coat and base coat to ensure the efficiency of the nails while keeping it rich and smooth. Aside from that, LDS Lavis Dip Systems provides strong color and deep texture while strengthening the nails at the same time. It gives a shiny coat on the nails and it is tough enough not to get chipped or cracked after 2-3 of application.

The application doesn’t involve rocket science as it can be done easily even on your own. This is one of the many reasons why women opt for nail dipping powder because it eliminates the long hours of wait in the salon as well as the saving they get if they do it on their own.

The market is now flooded by many brands of nail dip system but the Lavis dip powder system manages to stay at the top of the list because of the admirable results it brings. The technology applied in this nail dipping powder gives the nail the best professional treatment similar to the quality finish that you can only get in a salon expert or nail care parlor.

What makes LDS Lavis Dip System a Popular Choice?

If you are looking for a smooth and shiny dip powder nail colors, LDS Lavis Dip System is the best option and here are the steps to achieve that salon-like nails without having to break the bank:

Pro Tip:

To avoid getting uneven dipping results, prevent your nail dipping powder to settle or becoming dense overtime, loosen the powder by shaking the jars while still closed or use a clean utensil prior to use.

Step 1:

Before anything else, it is important to clean and sanitize your hands before applying the solution. To do this, you need to clean your nails thoroughly. Buff and shape your nails according to your preference and dry it properly.

Step 2:

Apply a single coat of bonder on your clean fingernails.

Step 3:

With a stroking method towards the tip of the nail, apply a thin coat of base on the entire nail bed.

Pro Tip:  Powder will pick up wherever the base is applied so avoid getting the product on your cuticles.

Step 4:

Using your choice of powder, quickly dip your nail at a 45-degree angle to coat the entire nail bed.

Pro Tip: To avoid having your powder contaminated, you can also use a brush to apply the powder. This is also good if you know that someone else will use your nail dip powder.

Step 5:

Get rid of loose powder by simply holding your finger down and tapping it gently.

To remove any excess powder from around the nail plate and nail surface, you may use a clean brush to clean it.

Step 6:

Repeat the process with the rest of the nails

Step 7:

Apply another thin coat of base to on the entire nail surface

Step 8:

Apply EA Bond

Step 9:

Apply top coat then let it dry for 3-5 minutes.

Step 10:

Apply a coat of Sealer Dry and after three minutes apply the second coat then let it dry completely.

Voila! You now have a gorgeous strong nails that’s ready to take the world and that looks like it came fresh from the nail salon.