Take Care of Your Hair Against Hard Water

Hard water issues have become a pervasive problem these days. Apart from being harmful to your skin, it can be worse for your hair. From dandruff problems to roughness and breakage of hair, its potential damage is unnerving to many. One of the most natural fixes is to switch your current shampoo to shampoo with chelating agents in it. As there are a lot of people who are continually searching the best shampoos for hard water to revive their scalp, we are here to help you understand and decide the best choice for your hair.

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Hair?

To buy the best shampoos and conditioners for hard water, first, you need to understand the root of the problem. Hard water contains a high amount of magnesium and calcium that can lead to residual build-up in the hair when mixed with your hair products. The residue weakens the hair structure as it blocks the scalp from absorbing moisture from your oil and conditioner. As a result of which, the hair follicle becomes extremely dry, and they break off easily. Weak hair can also lead to split ends and thinning of hair. If you are into swimming, even the chlorine in the water can damage your hair. There are plenty of companies that manufacture the best shampoos and conditioners for swimmers the following guide can help you pick one.

What Type of Shampoos Can Help?

If you want to combat dandruff and maintain the healthy balance of your scalp, always opt for clarifying shampoos with chelating ingredients in it. The chelating agents neutralize the metals and minerals in the hard water. We would recommend you to go for any hard water defense shampoo, as they contain natural-based ingredients and are free from unnecessary chemicals. Heavy-duty shampoos and conditioners often strip off moisture from natural hair, which makes the hair texture frizzy and dehydrated. Stay away from shampoos formulated with harsh chemicals, especially if your hair is suffering from heat or color damage.

Here is a list of few chemicals you should avoid while picking a shampoo for yourself

1. Sulfate – Also known as SLES forms a deadly class of carcinogen when mixed with other chemicals. It also causes skin irritation and severe hair damage. This cancer-causing agent is not working the risk for cleansing hair.

2. Silicon – The presence of silicon can lead to hair shedding and clogging of the scalp. It can also provoke rashes, burning, and scalp irritation.

3. Parabens – Any product with Paraben is not recommended for use as it can affect the hormonal balance in your body. Studies have shown that this ingredient is also linked with breast cancer.

4. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives – This strong-smelling chemical can trigger severe allergic reactions and other health problems like throat infections, scalp irritations, burns, and many more. Most importantly, it has been declared as a cancer-causing chemical if exposed to for an extended period.

5. Dimethicone – Overusage of dimethicone can result in skin infection, allergic reactions like itching, swelling, shortness of breath. It also dries out the scalp, which causes flakiness in hair.

6. Polyethylene Glycol – This chemical is mainly used as a thickening agent to balance the consistency in shampoos and conditioners. Unfortunately, it strips the hair of its natural moisture, which damages the hair making it more brittle and dry.

Hard water tends to damage your hair and take away the shine. Minerals present in hard water, such as chlorine, magnesium, etc. tend to discolor your hair giving it a dull look. Always go for deep nourishing hair cleansers and conditioners, which can help your hair.