5 Ways to Get the Best Sun Tan

Sometimes, we like faking our tans because of a variety of reasons; one of them being that we love the sun. The sun boosts the levels of serotonin which is nature’s Valium that alleviates anxiety. It also produces vitamin D which strengthens the bones, skin and teeth. To avoid ageing prematurely and getting skin cancer, you need to take great care to get a sun kissed glow. Here are a few tips to getting the best sun tan in a safe way.

sun tan
  • Always avoid sunbeds

Do not fall into the temptation that you can get a healthy tan on a sunbed. According to Dr. Nick Lowe, we usually get the wrong UV because tanning beds eliminate huge amounts of UVA and no UVB which usually stimulates Vitamin D thus increasing the risk of getting skin cancer by 75%.

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